Rebecca Black To Release New Music!!

Hopefully this one will have a better production and less Dislikes on YouTube!

The former Queen of YouTube, Rebecca Black, a 13-year-old girl with a massive viral video with more than 160 Million views, is now ready to launch her career after removing her hit from the original YouTube Channel it was published.

Since Black is starting to take her career very seriously, she is now getting ready to release a new song called 'My Moment' which you will be able to listen to next monday, July 28. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rebecca Black is also getting ready to release a 5 song EP later this year.

Ever since her successful and controversial debut on YouTube and also the fact her video was moved to another channel Black has managed to keep on being mentioned by tabloids and media, and even appearing in a music video with Katy Perry.

Rebecca brings "My Moment", a perfect name for a song after all the media pressure and things she has been living with "Friday". Song will debut on July 18 on Rebecca's YouTube channel and webpage.

Song is written by Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, whose credits included a track on Justin Bieber's Never Say Never. The song tells Rebecca's sudden jump to fame, "It's a fairytale story, but it happened in real life" said Brandon.

Would this single be as popular as the 167 million views on YouTube single, "Friday"?
What do you think?

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