Megan Fox Doing BOTOX?

Secret is out!

For many plastic surgeons the beautiful actress and model, Megan Fox, is doing Botox. Rumor came stronger after Megan posted some pictures on Facebook , making faces you supposedly cannot make with Botox. Doctors think either the photos are photoshoped or the Botox is already wearing off.

Check some of the pictures:

Click to enlarge

Doctors comments:

“Those lines on her forehead are totally fake. … Muscles in the forehead and brow simply don’t create curved wrinkles like that. The wrinkles Megan is showing us don’t coincide with brow anatomy, nor do they match the facial expression she is making.”

“This photo is totally consistent with the wrinkle pattern you will see in someone who’s Botox has begun wearing off. When you have Botox to the entire face, different parts wear off at different rates and can give you a strangish-looking pattern of wrinkles until it all wears off. I bet this photo was taken the day before her Botox appointment.”

If this is true, I really don’t know why would she be doing Botox? Hollywood world is really fucked up.

What do you think?

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