Jersey Shore Gave Snooki an Alcohol Problem

Ok, you got to be kidding me!

Snooki's ex boyfriend, Emilio Massela (guido), have "revealed" that this little person has a serious drinking problem, something we haven't noticed, right?
He is totally blaming the production of Jersey Shore, he says they won't get enough until she hurts herself. All his comments comes after a video of Snooki was released. This video shows the girl wasted and out of her mind trying to dance with a plant, which for him seems to be a behavior he haven't seen before.

Melisso Tweeted: "This is disgusting. MTV's Jersey Shore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic. They are killing her liver. That's not the Nicole I knew! Poor girl!"

Ok Melisso or whatever, first of all I invite you to see TvShow and you don't need to be bright to know this poor little girl, as you called her, has a serious drinking problem since day one. At least she is making money out of it, which is not good but is a pretty decent "job".

What do you think?

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So proud!!!!!!!!!! amo su pic aquí

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