Sue Sylvester Will Have A New Enemy on Glee's Second Season [SPOILERS]

Thought Sue Sylvester was too kind to Will Schuester on the Season Finale of the first Season of Glee?

Well, that's maybe because she's gonna have to team up with him when the show returns this September on FOX.

Spoilers Ahead.

Jane Lynch has reported that this Season, her character on Glee, Sue Sylvester, will not only have chance to interact with another amazing actress to play her mom (Carol Burnett was announced recently to play the character) but she will also come face to face with a new foe, the replacement to coach Tanaka on the football team, played by actress Dot Jones.

"There's a new coach in town," Lynch said. "Our football coach is now a big 6ft4in female and I get Will [Matthew Morrison] to come with me to destroy her because of course she's taking our budget away, so I give her some [dog] poop cookies. I say, 'Here are some cookies, welcome aboard'."

Are you excited to read this news? Is there maybe a chance for Sue and Will in the future? Anyone? We hope so!

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