Diva Wannabe Naomi Campbell Goes To Court!

And she's back to Court babies!

Diva Wannabe Naomi Campbell is surely receiving lots of what she's giving out in the past as an abusive person.

She went to court to testify in the case of an ex-Liberian ruler in a Netherlands courtroom. For those of you who thought she was the one being agressive on others, you're almost wrong this time at least.

Cambell was allegedly given blood diamonds back in September 1997 in a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela. Cambell of course, said in her own unkind and despective 20th-Century-tone she remembers receiving a pouch with "dirty-looking stones."

It is being investigated why Campbell was given the "stones" at the time, while we don't really think she has to do with anything this ruler did in the past at least, she's a model for God's sake!

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