Lost, True Blood, Dexter and Mad Men Run For The Best Drama Series On Primetime Emmy Awards

Today, at 5AM, the nominees for the Primetime Emmy Awards were announced, and, of course, a lot of people like us were dying to know if their favorite shows were gonna be part of the big categories.

One of the biggest categories in the Awards is the Outstanding Drama Series, which has belong to Mad Men for a lot of years. However, this year sees it a lot more difficult because True Blood had a record-breaking second season on the matter of ratings, along with excellent critics, while Lost gave away a fantastic final season, with not so many answers but a lot of conclusion for the characters (drama!), but Dexter faced an incredible foe on its fourth Season that even dared to hurt him in the biggest possible way, leaving with a cliffhanger to die for.

So, with these three fantastic Seasons these shows had, which one do you think is gonna take the award home? Our money's on Dexter, but knowing the critics, Breaking Bad will most likely win.

This is the complete list of nominated shows to the Outstanding Drama Series category:

Outstanding Drama Series
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
Mad Men
True Blood

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