E3 Ubisoft's Press Conference Round-Up (Timeline)

Since I wasn't able to watch Ubisoft's Press Conference I want to thank JCCK for the heads-up on this one, here's what happened:

-The conference starts with a mesmerizing demonstration of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s upcoming Child of Eden, Kinectic version
-Joel McHale from “Community” and “The Soup” hosts the show again this year. Tonight’s theme is “games you can feel”.
-Impressive pre-rendered scenes from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, to be released November 16th 2010.
-Ezio is now the one to lead the battle between assassins and templars. Gameplay footage showing horseback escape from the city, a cannon sequence and the improved combat style
-Confirmed multiplayer mode for AC: Brotherhood.
-Shaun White Skateboarding presented by gold medalist Shaun White himself
-In SW you actually skate over anything you can imagine, shaping even the most common street stuff around you as you pass with your board over it
-People running across the auditorium with some weird laser guns, which resulted to be a demo of a new real live shooter called “Battle Tag” You can play matches up to 4 vs 4 players.
-A red-haired hippie dude talks about energy and stress presents a game called Inergy. The game measures your cardiac rhythm using a sensor which keeps a large resemblance to the Wii Vitality.
-A brand new sports title is announced for Kinect. The name: Motionsports.
-The second Kinect-exclusive title, Your Fitness: Evolved, puts the player into a “virtual gym”. It gives you your body dimensions, records your exercise statistics, which of course you can compare with our friends and share on Facebook and YouTube. (the same as shown earlier in the Xbox 360 Press Conference)
Raving Rabbids Travel in Time looks very funny, put aside the wash/time machine. This one is an exclusive for Wii, coming November 9th.
-Ghost Recon: Future Soldier actually tries to put you in the future of combat. At least that’s what the military consultants told Ubisoft. The demo is set in the year “sooner than you think” and the main feature is an adaptive camouflage which makes you kind of invisible. The whole campaign can be played in 4 player co-cop for the first time in the series and it’s also going to be available in magical 3D.
-Cool car chases in Driver: San Francisco, in an attempt to bring back the series to its roots, except for the strange ability to shift between ANY cars you like in the WHOLE city…
-Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot himself comes to stage to present three “projects”:
The first one shows some kind of ancient civilization in a natural environment of disasters. It’s called Dust (for now) and is going to be released in spring 2011 to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
-The second one is a cartoon-like video which resulted to be a Rayman game called Origins, created by just 5 people, and using some set of “artistic tools”. No console and release information is given.
The last one is a gaming platform for PC called ManiaPlanet. Betas are coming according to the next schedule:
                Q4 2010: Trackmania 2
                Q1 2011: Shootmania
                Questmania: SOON

-Finally, there’s was some kind of homage to Michael Jackson, featuring six people dancing “Beat It”. Maybe the late King of Pop has a brand new game coming soon?
Confirmed Michael Jackson: The Game, to be released this holiday season, for Xbox 360 Kinect and PS3 Move, as well as Wii, PSP and DS.

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