E3 Sony's Press Conference Round-Up (Timeline)

Here's what happened in this very LONG press conference:

-PS3 want to be 3D gaming leader
-Killzone 3 3D Live demo, the game coming February 2011.
-A bunch of games will be 3D, like Gran Turismo 5, Motostorm Apocalypse and Sly.
-There's a new Mortal Kombat Remake on the way.
-Sorcery is a third person action game that uses Move and looks like what Harry Potter should be.
-EA sports showed the new Tiger Woods game with the Move.
-Heroes on the Move is a new game starring Ratchet, Jak, Sly Cooper and Daxter.
-Coca Cola products could make you win a new PS3 and Move
-Kevin Butler takes the stage with a speech that makes everybody laugh.
-September 19 is the release date for the Move in the US, the main controller will cost $49.99 and the nunchuck like thing will cost $29.99.
-There's a new camera pheriperal for the PSP.
-God of War Ghost of Sparta Teaser for the PSP.
-PSN exclusive reality show THE TESTER season 2 Announced for 2011.
-Little Big Planet 2 features shown.
-New Psn service Play Station Plus will cost $49.99 a year and will give you access to betas and exclusive content for your games and much more.
-Online gaming for PS3 is still free.
-Dead Space 2 will have Move support
-Portal 2 from Valve is being shown, how ironic.
-Final Fantasy XIV MMO teaser trailer.
-August 24 is the release date for Mafia 2.
-Assassins creed Brotherhood will have exclusive content for the ps3, gameplay footage shown.
-Novemeber 2nd 2010 is the release date for Gran Turismo 5
-Infamous 2 trailer shows the new power of ice.
-New Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth in his ice cream car drove up the stage, gameplay footage shown, looks fun.

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