E3 Microsoft's Press Conference Round-Up (Timeline)

Here's what happened on the Microsoft E3 Press Conference today.

-Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay demo
-Metal Gear: Rising, video with gameplay
-Gears of War 3 Demo
-Fable 3 Video
-Microsoft and Crytek Partnership announce Codename: Kingdom a third person action game.
-Halo Reach Gameplay Footage shows starfox-esque ship gameplay
-Kinectic being shown on the dashboard, voice and hand commands.
-VideoKinect revealed, video chat with people using xbox360 or Windows Live Messenger
-ESPN on demand now on xbox360
-Kinectimals a Pet Game just like nintendogs.
-Kinectic Sports is exactly what it sounds like
-Kinectic Joy Ride, a racing game.
-Kinectic Adventures, a posing game that takes pictures of you while you play and let you upload them to facebook.
-YOUR SHAPE, a fitness game from ubisoft that also reads your clothes.
-DANCE CENTRAL a game from Harmonix MTV games that it's like a dancing Rockband, but it actually looks pretty awesome. (Will have Lady Gaga Songs)
-November 4th will be the launch date for KINECT along with 15 games.
-A Clone Wars Star Wars Kinect game announced
-Forza Motosport Kinectic Shown
-And most important NEW XBOX 360 Redesign LAUNCHING TODAY: 250 GB HD, built in WIFI and ready for Kinectic, slimmer and smaller FOR ONLY $299. Meaning there's a price cut on older xbox.

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Bueno la verdad que despues del Microsoft press conference no veo algo que me emocione mas en esta semana o en todo este ano. Solo con Halo Reach, que ya deporsi me parece a kick ass title, estos carajos de Microsoft se mandan LA presentacion y el kinect wow, pense que no iba a haber nada mejor y terminan con OMG un nuevo redise;o para la xbox 360, de verdad fue excelente la presentacion, quien sabe que mostrara sony o nintendo para estar a la altura del papi microsoft. El iphone 4 fue el big deal, pero no me robo el aliento como la presentavion de hoy :D Excelente cobertura Nino nerd, thanx for everything ;)

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