E3 EA's Press Conference Round-Up (Timeline)

Here's a quick round-up of what happened on EA's E3 Press Conference:

-Conference starts with a cinematic video of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
-Dead Space 2 shown along with gameplay footage and coming 2011
-New Medal of Honor coming October 12th, Beta June 21. For the first time MoH leaving WW2 and coming towards Afghanistan.
-Gun Club announced, a new EA service that gives you extra benefits, just like UPLAY for ubisoft.
-EA sports MMA announced and comes October 9th.
-EA sports LIVE Broadcast revealed, a new service to watch game tournaments LIVE with real anchormen
-EA sports Active 2, just another fitness game that comes with a peripheral and lets you check your progress online.
-EA sports MADDEN NFL 1 announced and looks like it has facebook integration.
-The Sims 3 for consoles video
-Crysis 2 set in NYC, video showing gameplay and stereoscopic 3D compatibility for XBOX360, PS3 and PC.
-Bulletstorm coming 2-22-11
-Star Wars Old Republoc MMO: Cinematic pvp battle shown and also every player will have a Spaceship, sidenote: Female Bounty Hunters look awesome.

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