SPOILERS: Guess Who's Returning To Dexter Next Season!!

We couldn't be more excited about these news!

With September being closer than ever (wishful thinking) we have learned that Julie Benz is returning to the Season Premiere of the 5th Season of America's Most Favorite Killer: Dexter.

In what we're sure is going to be the darkest Season Premiere of the series so far, it's been confirmed by the network of the series, Showtime, that the actress behind sweetheart Rita Bennet is set to return for one episode, the Season premiere that is.

"As Dexter grapples with the reality of the death of his wife and the realization that he is now a single father, the presence of Rita Bennett will help him deal with his newfound feelings of loss and grief -- emotions that Dexter Morgan has never really felt before," Showtime says in a statement.

We're wondering if this one-episode return is just to put her body there and wrap-up in the exact moment the Season 4 ended or to make the conclusion for Julie Benz's character.

We can't wait to see this!

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