Quincy Jones Leads Poll As Simon Cowell Replacement on American Idol

So, as you all may already know, our favorite British a-hole is going off to his own music contest later this year with the American version of the X-Factor.

Since he made the announcement back in February, a lot of names have been suggested to fill Simon's difficult task. Among all things, something has come quite obvious out of the most basic requirement for the position: it's got to be someone that's hardcore in the music business.

TV Guide magazine recently did a survey to all of its readers asking who they would choose as the replacement for Cowell, and record producer Quincy Jones emerged as the number one choice for the job. According to the results, 40% of the votes went to Jones, who's not only had 79 Grammy Awards Nominations and 27 won, but also the producer of Michael Jackson's Thriller, a music arranger, film composer, television producer and more. Gosh, he's even bigger than Cowell maybe.

Just kidding.

Anyways, we kinda believe he has a good profile for the role of being the expert on music on that panel. However, Cowell is very eloquent and has no shame or limits on what he wants to say, which is maybe the particular thing that's made him a harcodre judge on so many shows. Our point is Jones may be an expert on music, but we're not sure if he'd be an amazing judge like Cowell is.

We hope they keep Kara around, though, we love her and she also knows what she's talking about.

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I looked on the internet and can't find the survey. I would not want Jones as a judge because this is a reality show not a snooze fest. He may have great music industry credentials, but that does not equate to a compelling TV personality.

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