'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Tops Box Office Competition

Now this is pretty surprising!

After most of you guys totally hated the trailer (so did we) and critics destroyed the movie completely, A Nightmare On Elm Street did pretty well on the weekend box-office, earning more than $30 million, MTV reports.

This upcoming weekend however, the big one to beat in the U.S. will be Iron Man 2, which has topped the International Box Office with $100.2 million.

Here's the complete list of the Top 5 movies in the U.S. this past weekend.

#1 "A Nightmare on Elm Street" ($32.2 million)
#2 "How to Train Your Dragon" ($10.8 million)
#3 "Date Night" ($7.6 million)
#4 "The Back-Up Plan" ($7.2 million)
#5 "Furry Vengeance" ($6.5 million

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