New Facebook Page Proposes Betty White As Oscars Host

After her amazing performance as a host on Saturday Night Live a few days ago, Betty White's not only all over the news being praised for her work on the show, but also on Social Networks like Twitter where she's been a trending topic for a long time and mentioned by tons of fans on Facebook to whom she owns her hosting SNL, but now she's back on Facebook for a very different reason.

Well, not that different.

There's a new Facebook page that proposes her to be the Host of the next Academy Awards, and to be honest, we think it is an incredible idea.

Betty White's not only a shiny soul, but she's also a very very talented actress and we couldn't love more her monologue about what a big waste of time Facebook is or her music video where she played a metal singer on Saturday Night Live.

She's just too lovely and funny to watch, we're sure the ratings of the Oscars will rocket up to the skies!

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