M.I.A Puts A Title To Her New Album And A New Release Date

A few weeks ago, we announced to you that British singer-songwriter M.I.A, who caused controversy with her explicit music video, had decided for the official tracks that would made the cut for her new album, but wanted her fans to help her pick a good name for it.

Being creative enough, she's decided to name the record "/\/\/\Y/\" which, in case you're too square or can't understand what's it saying, is "Maya" which is another way the singer is called. Not to be confused with the American singer Maya, who's not as famous as M.I.A nowadays.

Anyways, the album was supposed to go out on June 29, but apparently it's going to be released a little later on July 13, so fans are gonna have to wait.

Are you excited about M.I.A's new album?

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