Maroon 5 Third Album - "Hands All Over"

Maroon 5 third album entitled "Hands All Over" will hit music charts next month. Album singles will hit radios on June 28th and tour will star on July 30th and end August 29, 2010.

Isn't that a bit fast?

In an interview with Billboard, band said:

"[The album] kind of hearkens back to the spirit behind the first record and is less like the second one -- or is a combination of both, the best elements of both all in one. "It was a really long process [recording the album], some people can go in and bang out a record in a month, and that's a totally valid process. But for some reason I want to make sure no stone goes unturned and every single possible idea is brought to the foreground. That's just how we like to do things."

"Hands All Over" is set to feature a collaboration with country group Lady Antebellum titled, "Out of Goodbyes." The album will be led by single "Misery," a song Levine described to be "the most Maroon 5-sounding song on the album."

What do you think?

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