Lindsay Lohan: I Don't Belong in Jail or in Rehab

You gotta be kidding me, right?

After having authorities' issues all her life and her latest problem in court last week because of her Cannes trip she claims she doesn't deserve jail or rehab time.

"I don't see what reason I would go to prison for. I've been more than compliant with everything having to do with the court system," She tells Hollywood.TV in a video interview.

About the photo that shows LiLo in a room with a substance that seems to be cocaine she replies she was pulled to that room to take photos with fans, "I wouldn't know what was in the room,"

Do you believe her?

About REHAB she said, "I don't see why I would even have to do that considering I've been in compliance with everything that occurs when you're in the court system for two DUIs."

What do you think?

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