Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Getting Their Fangs Pulled Out?

Emo girls watch out!

It looks like members of the 'Twilight Saga' cast, Kellan Lutz (Emmet Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) might be getting the boot for the 'Breaking Dawn' movie.

Rumor says that Summit Entertainment is planning on dividing 'Breaking Dawn' into two parts, although they haven't confirmed this yet until they solve a salary problem with the cast members mentioned above.

THR learned that they are actually getting paid 10 times bigger than what they made in the first movie, but the actors still feel thats "offensive" since the studio has made lots of moolah from the saga.

I just hope they figure this out, Alice is too cool, and Emmet is too hot to be out of the saga.

The first if it's not the only 'Breaking Dawn' part has been announced for November 18, 2011.

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