Jesse James Brings Sympathy Excuses To TV Interview

Last night, douchebag Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's husband who cheated on her with several women and whose pictures wearing Nazi costumes leaked on the Internet attempted to clean his image on a TV interview on ABC's Nightline.

Jesse talked about his divorce from Bullock, and opened up about his childhood issues that according to him made him do all the bad things he did. While he took full responsibility of everything that happened, James said he "basically never felt good enough for anyone."

"I grew up with a huge amount of shame and fear and abandonment on my shoulders from a very young age and I think, you know, the way my mind rationalized [cheating], 'Well, you know, I might as well do whatever I can to like run her off cause she is going to find out what I am anyway and leave me anyway." Jesse says.

He also denied being racist and that the picture of him doing the Nazi salute was meant to be a joke at the time, but that he can now look back and see how messed up it was, Celebuzz reports.

Check out this video of Jesse's interview below.

Via Celebuzz.

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