Is Lee DeWyze The Next American Idol?

Last night, they did not only skipped the footage from Lee DeWyze being welcomed by his fans on his hometown (which we're sure was a hell of a lot more people than Casey and Crystal had back home, which was less than 100 each) but they also gave Lee DeWyze the blessing I initially though Crystal was going to receive.

Simon Cowell's a big fan of glorious songs with gospel choirs in the backing vocals that make the singer's voice sound enormous and sent from heaven, and he's done this before with the top-selling UK band of this decade, Westlife, who own their success to Cowell's ideas primarily.

Last night, Lee DeWyze got 'the Westlife treatment' and sang "Hallelujah" which had previously been sung by contestant Tim Urban this season, but it was the performance that not only made Lee DeWyze a trending topic worldwide last night on Twitter, but also (in our opinion) assured him the title of the next American Idol.

Check out his performance of Hallellujah and leave your comments below.

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Lee DeWyze is too freakin hot to be true, he's an amazing singer and totally deserves to be the next AI

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