'Heavy Rain' coming to the big screen?

It seems like it, and makes a lot of sense. According to Deadline New York, the rights for the Ps3 videogame. 'Heavy Rain', could be won by former New Line Cinema executives, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne's Unique Features company.

'Heavy Rain' has been a pretty successful title for the PS3, and I hope it gets to be pretty successful as a movie too.

The Game is about the life of some people that are linked between them to the case of the murderer called 'The Origami Killer'. 'Heavy Rain' plays as an interactive drama, meaning it's almost completely a cinematical experience where you're prompted many times to make the choices of each character so the storyline continues in many different ways.

I played this game and I can say it's a winner, and if you are a proud owner of a Ps3, you should buy this game right now.

Here's a trailer of the game.

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