Glee's Matthew Morrison's Not Into Making A Britney Episode

The Glee 'star' isn't too hot about anything the media loves, which is just pretty foolish of himself, since he should see the talent in things he's not a fan of.

First, Morrison said he didn't get the Bieber fever regarding teen sensation Justin Bieber, and now, in a pathetic effort to focus the attention of the media on him, he's back with a statement about his opinion on Glee Series Creator Ryan Murphy who said he's considering on doing a Britney Spears episode in the future.

"That's a rumor her manager started," Matthew said at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner dinner on May 1. "I hope our show doesn't go along that route."

Mr. Schue can be supportive and pro talent on screen, but he sure is bitchy in real life. And also misinformed, since "that route"'s not a rumour at all and Ryan Murphy himself thinks "young kids would like that."

Who else thinks Mr. Schue should stick to his role as a teacher and keep his mouth shut from singing on the show, and oh yeah from speaking against people that are more famous and maybe even more talented than him!

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