Ellen Pompeo Might Be Done With 'Grey's Anatomy'

Is there a Lexie Grey's Anatomy coming anytime soon?

It looks a lot like it is, unfortunately!

Ellen Pompeo, the actress who plays the main character on the hit medical-drama show, and also narrates it, has announced she might be done after her contract ends on 2012, which is when Season 8 ends, Extra reports.

"I haven't said I'm moving on," Pompeo says. "I said that when my contract is up after Season 8, I would probably not renew."

"I think I [will have] told all the stories I can tell as Meredith Grey," Pompeo added. "Who knows? I never say never to anything. But I've told a lot of Meredith Grey stories. I think the world has had a lot of Meredith Grey."

Are you sad to see Meredith going? After Series Creator Shonda Rhimes announcement of pretending to run the show for as much seasons as E.R. ran, it's no surprise the shows filled with new characters maybe in order to replace the original five who're now only left to three: Justin Chambers (who plays Alex Karev), Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang), and Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey).

Chambers has previously said he'd stayed on the show for as long as it runs, so no worries on seeing hottie Dr. Evil Spawn going anywhere anytime soon.

This must be a sad day for Meredith fans!

Do you think she should leave Grey's? Leave your comments below.

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Wow... I didn't know GA was planned to be aired as much as E.R.
As far as I knew it would only have 8 seasons... this makes me feel kinda sad, Meredith is the soul of the show, and so is Cristina and McDreamy... everyone else can leave, except those 3... =(

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