Claudia Schiffer Does Vogue Germany

Top Model, Claudia Schiffer, poses naked and pregnant for the cover of Vogue Germany.

The mother of two is expecting a new baby girl for this month, in an interview with the Daily Mail, model talks about how motherhood changed her life, she said:

I used to work every single day and travel round the world. I worked weekends, I never took one second off. ‘When I met my husband I said, "You know what, this is important. I'm not going to work weekends any more." And when I had kids, I became even more careful."

Schiffer added, "I love being pregnant. You can do whatever you want. You don't feel guilty, because I used to feel guilty about having a day off. And, you know, something really strange happened to me. Before my pregnancies, I was someone who had to watch their weight."

Congrats Claudia!

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