Christina Aguilera Says "Not Myself Tonight" Video Is A Tribute To Madonna

We don't know how to give our opinion on this matter so we're just going to tell you what she said.

Christina Aguilera has affirmed her unsuccesful first single, "Not Myself Tonight" from her upcoming Bionic album, which has leaked in its entirety on the Internet, is a tribute to no other than the woman she kissed back in The 2003 MTV VMAs: Madonna.

“One of my favourite videos ever is "Express Yourself"  by Madonna which came across as really strong and empowering - which I always try to incorporate through my expression of sexuality. I love the direct reference I made to Madonna with the eye glass moment and the smoke and stairs. I was paying tribute to a very strong woman who has paved the way for female performers like us before.” Christina said.

We kinda feel sad for her being forced to cancel her summer tour, so we're not gonna say anything mean about this.

Give your thoughts on Christina being 'inspired' by the Queen of Pop to make her lastest music video on the comments section below.

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