Charlie Sheen To Continue On Two And A Half Men

We can breathe filled with relief for now at least!

Apparently, Charlie Sheen and CBS have come to an agreement over Sheen's permanence on the popular TV show.

The speculation on who could replace Sheen on the show had already started, after he announced he was ready to leave the show, especially when his contract ended this Season.

Reports say Sheen and CBS are both "cautiosly optimistic" about a new deal to keep him on the show for two more seasons.

Sheen was recently forced to go to therapy after he had an incident of domestic violence with his wife in Christmas and was later accused of cheating, leaving the marriage in danger.

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no sheen no show, without him it would be useless continuing with the show, i hope they will come into an agreement

fuck charlie, abusive motherfucker, i want no child of mine watching him on tv

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