AMERICAN IDOL: The TOP 2 Finalists Emerge!

Tonight, after a long and very poor Season, American Idol finally announced who's gonna be the final 2 who are going to compete next week in a big show and will earn the title of the Ninth American Idol.

In a very predictable night, Casey James finally went home, and Lee DeWyze became the finalist along with Crystal Bowersox, in what promises to be a very interesting night next week. That is, of course, if Crystal gets her act together and delivers as good as she did a couple of weeks ago.

We hope so!

Could this maybe be the final season of the show? We're guessing it's not, but a lot of things need to change in order for this to work.

We're so excited Lee DeWyze made it to the end, we've been huge fans since the beginning.

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