Amanda Seyfried Was Scared of Sex

American actress, Amanda Seyfried, grew up thinking sex was something wrong, dirty and disgusting becuase of her town (small community in Pennsylvania) mentality.

Tell that to your parents!

She started thinking differentely when she moved to the big cities, NY, and LA and it was still difficult to change this way of thinking.

She said to Britain's Stella Magazine, "We have to be open-minded. I'm not saying Americans are narrow-minded - I've lived in New York and Los Angeles - but where I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, there was a small-town mindset that made me feel that sex was wrong."
"When my sister lost her virginity,I thought that was dirty and disgusting, and I was scared of sex. I remember I had a fight with my friend when I touched a boy for the first time and I didn't tell her. She got mad with me, not because I didn't tell her, but because I'd done it in the first place. Intimacy is a wonderful thing. It's frustrating that growing up I thought I was wrong. It isn't. Exploring your sexuality is important when you're growing up."

Now Amanda is aware about it and we are glad, but we can't stop feeling disgusted with this kind of things happening now a days.

What do you think?

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