Amanda Seyfried Covers Self Magazine

Amanda Seyfried graces the cover of the June 2010 issue of 'Self' magazine.

She's looking amazing as usual and sat down to talk about exercise, her body image, and Hollywood.

Check out the highlights here:

On obsessive exercising: "If we're so busy trying to change ourselves, especially aesthetically, we're going to miss out on more important things. I used to live, eat and sleep by an exercise schedule, and I couldn't enjoy myself if I didn't exercise. And then I realized, What a waste of time! My soft parts are probably never going away."

On body perfection in Hollywood: "People may seem perfect, but that's because they spend thousands on trainers and diets and surgeries. That's what we're made to feel like we're supposed to look like but if you put it in perspective, there's nothing realistic about it!"

On body image: "It's important in the grand scheme of things to keep in shape, but if you're always worrying about imperfections and how you look, these things aren't going to change for the most part. The thing you can change is the way you perceive . . . Stop looking in the mirror and realize that you're living for yourself, not other people."

On letting herself have food indulgences: "I mean, at the end of the day, if you can't have a Girl Scout cookie and a piece of cheese, what is life all about?"

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