Will Young Does 'Instinct' Magazine

British singer-songwriter and actor Will Young is getting ready to reach the fame in America.

Young's attempt to reach the New Land starts with him being the cover boy on the latest issue of Instinct magazine, where he sat down to talk about, among other things, his premonition. "This is gonna sound weird, but I occasionally get premonitions. I had a premonition about a show looking for a singer. I had a premonition about doing a film in the 1930s. I had a premonition about doing a play, too."

According to the magazine, Young "changed not only the face of television and the music industry but the gay community as well." How did he do this? He has "a handful of Brit Awards, a growing acting résumé and a few million in international record sales, but what he’s really got his sights set on now is a Grammy and an Oscar. And that journey starts here."

Young will make his American debut with a new album that "includes eight tracks that make up a collection of Will’s biggest and best hits from overseas".

Via Instinct Magazine

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