Wanna put your teeth into sweet candy Robert Pattinson?

Who doesn't?!

According to recent reports, the Twilight star not only has a wax figure of himself but now has inspired a 39 pound of solid chocolate treat to be promoted in a contest for a lucky fan to put his/her teeth into.

JSYK reports:

The Belgian chocolate sculpture took food artist Prudence Staite two weeks to make and was created to the likeness of Rob's Twilight character Edward Cullen. LoveFilm is currenty holding a contest where the winner will get to take the unique chocolate treat home.
"We were inundated with requests from fans looking to win and even some asking to buy the chocolate head outright," Fliss White, head of brand marketing at Lovefilm, told the Telegraph. "We'd heard that fans always ask him to 'bite' them but now it seems they are more than willing to turn the tables."

Ha! Looks like "fang-bangers" do exist in the real world after all!

We think some girls or boys wouldn't eat this ever and just put it on a big fridge where they can worship it (or God knows what else) for the rest of their lives.

At least the wax and chocolate sculptures won't age!

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