Victoria Beckham Needs To Gain Some Weight To Get Pregnant

It seems Victoria Beckham wants to give her sons,Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5; a little sister, but in order to do that she needs to gain some weight, cause she just doesn't look healthy enough to get pregnant. A family close friend revealed to The Sum Magazine, "It's no secret Victoria and David want a little girl."

After she heard her sister is expecting a daughter, Vic is crazy to have one the insider reveals, "After Louise said she was having a daughter it has driven Vic even more to prepare for pregnancy. She's been told by docs her diet, though healthy, would not give her the best chance of conceiving, particularly in her 30s. Instead she has been advised to eat a lot more carbs and fatten up. She has agreed and David is over the moon. They will try for another child after the World Cup."

Good luck with your diet Posh Spice!

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