The U.K. Government Turns To Facebook To Encourage People To Vote

Once again, if you thought Facebook was a ONLY waste of time to play farm games and tag friends on photos, you're living under a rock.

The Electoral Comission of the U.K. has landed an agreement with Facebook to encourage people to register to vote, since the last two ballots registered "historic lows".

Starting this Saturday, all visitors from the U.K. will be asked to register for the May 6 elections, and will be redirected to the commission's site where they can register.

The Comission is, of course, seeking the young people's vote, so they're using the huge Social Platform to get people from 18-24 years old to go to vote.

However, Richard Allan, Facebook's director of policy, said the site had 23 million users in Britain, of all ages and backgrounds.

"We are therefore uniquely placed to reach unregistered voters," he said.

Voters must register by April 20 if they want to vote in an election that polls suggest will be the tightest in 20 years.


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