Taylor Lautner Might've Came Out Of The Closet

That depends, of course, on how you interpret a young hot boy in a party full of gay men.

If you're homophobic enough to think that a straight man can't hang out with his gay pals, then yes, you can repeat what all the tabloids are saying about the 'scandal' of Taylor Lautner attending the party of one of the most important gay men in the movie showbiz.

According to LimeLife, Lautner was spotted at a party hosted by Bryan Singer (Director of X-Men and Superman), in a house that was "composed almost completely of gay men."

Although the reports don't say Taylor was seen doing anything naughty with his gay friends, people who attend to these parties Singer throws are usually all gay, therefore Lautner is being labeled  "The Great Gay Hope."

We hate the fact people think he might be gay because he goes to a party where everyone's gay, but if Taylor is gay indeed and he doesn't care to be seen hanging out with other gay men, then his official coming out of the closet might not be that far.

What do you think?

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