Stephanie Pratt Rejected by Her Own Family

That'sright people! Poor Stephanie she's been rejected by her brother Spencer and wife Heidi Montag. The Hills star told UsMagazine they haven't spoken to her since September. (Wow!)

Stephanie told UsMagazine, "It's really hard for me," "I don't know what's going on with them at all. All I hear are the same rumors you guys are hearing. It sucks and it's embarrassing to have to ask other people what's going on."

"They've decided they don’t want me in their life...I'm kind of mourning the loss of him."

She also said she's not the only one that has been cut out by them, a lot of them closest friends don't know what is going on!

This is so Heidi and Spencer trying to get attention! This is silly is your sister Spencer stop making drama from nowhere, God!

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