Sandra Bullock To Be The Main Attraction On Jesse James Sex Tape

This must be one of the many reasons why Sandra Bullock is not showing herself to the public these days.

We feel really sorry about this.

Apparently, not only there are several tapes that have leaked on the web featuring sicko Jesse James disguised as Hitler, but a friend close to the ex-couple states that a VERY graphic tape with Sandra on it may have also leaked.

That's terrible!

In addition, reports state that the tape has "some very graphic sex, tons of profanity and some S&M performed while James is in Nazi regalia."

If these reports are true, that is very very sad for Sandra if it's true. She was doing whatever she wanted with HER husband and that should remain private. Now because of the SOB her ex-husband is, her privacy might be going out to be seen by everyone.

That's not fair.

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