Rumors: Lindsay Might Not be Working at Ungaro

Rumors says that Lindsay might not be working with The Ungaro Company as creative director anymore . It seems that LiLo has caused too many damages and hasn't owned up to her "contractual obligations."

Lindsay's contract with the label stated she would be paid $1.5 million a year for three years, not much really but it seems she already partied all the money, cause she couldn't even pay her rent some days ago.

Lilo caused $12.000 worth of damages
to her room at the Bowery in NYC last September during a heated argument with her ex Saman. Next morning Ungaro owner Asim Abdullah "had to go down and pay for all LiLo's damages.

Insiders says that it might be posisble that Ungaro fires her! Come on Lindsay you better keep this job if you want to keep that crazy life!

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