Pam Anderson Giving Adivices To Kate Gosselin?

Is this for real?

Since Kate started participating at the popular show "Dancing with The Stars" people is just talking about how she leaved her kids for media attention, shame on you all. Kate told E! las week that as a single mother is needed for her to have a job and get some money and that's what she is doing. Tv show take her a lot of her family times, but that's how life is and she takes every fly available to check on her kids while she is not working.

Now we don't want to judge nobody here, but Pam Anderson from all people? Anyway Kate told Ryan Secret, “I have gotten to know the Pam that is just a mom that drops her kids off at school. She’s given me advice about what it’s like to be a single mom," Kate confirmed there was no dark environment in the show between them, “We sit in the hair and makeup chair next to each other and talk about our kids. She’s awesome,"

Kate is definitely an awesome pearson!

What do you think?

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