Nike Supports Tiger Woods and Lets Him Do A Commercial [VIDEO]

Uhm, well this is definitely a controversial issue.

On one hand you could say that all those brands Woods was a sponsor of had the right to dismiss him from working with them because of the bad "image" they were gonna get after all of the scandals in which he was involved.

However, some people could also say that the personal life of a person is that. Personal, and for that reason it should remain private, and even if it doesn't, as long as someone is responsible and succesful on their job, no employer should discriminate against someone because of a "problem" they might have on the personal level.

This is very controversial because both statements are right in our opinion. Nike seems to lean on the second statement and has allowed Tiger Woods to continue working for them.

Check out this new ad by Tiger that aired last night. It's kinda funny actually.

What do you think?

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