Michael Lohan is Engaged !

It seems cheater husbands are sharing girlfriends now. Michael Lohan just got engaged with Jon Gosselin's Ex, Kate Major.
Couple started dating when Jon and Kate got distanced at the end of last yer, and as a consequence Gosselin and Lohan cut off all communications. This shows once again how opportunist is Michael Lohan!

Michael says, "Kate has been by me through all the stuff with Lindsay and trying to get help for her; she was by my side when I had my heart attack; and she just always supports me. We flew down to Florida so I could ask her father for her hand in marriage and he gave me his blessing. I know I want to be with her for the rest of our lives."

Is Michael now using Kate? I'll just say he is not someone to trust! Now I get you point LiLo!

Kate also talks about her new love Michael, "I'm so happy. Michael has always been there for me and I can't imagine my life without him."

Cheaters or not, CONGRATS!

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