Madonna Praises Glee's New Episode Based On Her Music

This is quite impressive!

With less than a year airing, Glee has not only achieved a Golden Globe, a SAG Award and a GLAAD Media Award this weekend for Outstanding Comedy Series but also has the recognition of the Queen of Pop.

Madonna herself has just released a statement saying she loved the work of Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch characters, who are both gay in real life. E! reports: Describing the episode as "brilliant on every level," the Queen of Pop also gushed to Us Weekly, "The entire cast was amazing. They're all so talented. I especially loved Sue Sylvester and Kurt Hummel's characters."

Both Jane and Chris are huge Madonna fans (who isn't?) and hugged each other when received the great news. Colfer says "The fact that she watched the show,The fact that she watched the show with Lola and I'm one of her favorite characters and mentioned me by name in her statement? I don't' know where to begin.How do I respond? It doesn't get any better than that. If I'm ever down, I'm just going to remember, Madonna knows who you are."

To cath Glee's Madonna Episode, watch it tomorrow on FOX.

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