Lost 6x11 "Happily Ever After" REVIEW and Promo and Sneak Peeks For Next Episode

So, I haven't done any review since episode 7 when Ben gave us  an amazing performance, and I'm sorry for that. Back in business.

Oh boy, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are two of the most bright minds I've ever experienced, and it's not only because every episode they write since the very first Season when I had no idea who they were and had a jaw-dropping experience with "Deus Ex Machina" is one of my favorite, but because they know how to tie loose ends in the smartest way for the most die hard fans.

It's all about the little details here and there, and those little details that are huge for Lost die-hard fans like Charlie showing his hand underwater, it's all about those little things like Desmond getting a McCutcheon in the flash-sideway after he was denied to have one on the original timeline, or watching Penny in the same stadium where Desmond and Jack met back in Season 2 (that was 4 years ago!!), it's all in those little little things that make us die-hard fans of Lost enjoy so much the sixth episode before the Series Finale arrives.

Last night was Desmond centric. And after a regular episode with brought emotion on the alt-timeline with Sun getting shot, and a creepy and perfect suited with Giachinno's music scene with Sayid watching Desmond from under water, we get the start of the episode with "Charlie" Widmore (as Sawyer calls him, which we love) observing his son-in-law waking up. Basically, Charlie Widmore reminds our favorite time traveler that he was shot by Benjamin Linus (which we think it's gonna complicate things a lot when Ben and Des face off), to which Desmond replies he does remember it.

So, as we reported earlier, we were wondering if this episode was going to show Penny on the original timeline out of the island, and sadly, we just have to trust Widmore's words on her whereabouts, and judging by the fact she's his daughter, we're gonna believe Penny and Charlie Jr. are "perfectly safe".

Didn't you love it when Desmond hit Charlie Widmore right on his face when he told him he'd brought him back to the island? Oh yeah, Widmore, you had it coming since the very first time you denied Des that McCutcheon, bitch. And, judging by Charlie Widmore repeating Eloise's words "The Island isn't done with you yet", we wouldn't dismiss the possibility of Eloise being behind Demond's comeback to the Island, too.

And then, just to tease us all Lost freakies, Damond and Carlton put a freakin rabbit on the lab where they're conducting the experiments to generate the energy. I'm guessing they're never gonna explain exactly what happened back then in the video where Dr. Pierre Cheng said the rabbits couldn't meet each other. Our guess is he was just wrong because if you don't remember, Miles saw himself as a baby in his father's arms last season and the world didn't end. or did it? Well, we're 5 episodes away from knowing for certain, but until then, let's say the rabbit thing's never gonna be explained, and we'll just be left theorizing for the rest of our lives on the matter.

Desmond's actor, Henry Ian Cusick, might not have given an Award winning performance last night like he did on The Constant, but the writing of this episode was simply amazing. The plot twist of a rather boring conversation between Desmond and Charlie Pace on the car was mind-blowing, or the dialogue in which Widmore talks about sacrifice and reveals he might've cared for his first son Daniel Faraday are just some of the bits we enjoyed so much about last night.

After Desmond is placed in a room against his will and they show us the sky, boom! They finally explained the
flash-sideway. For the first time in this Season, we get to see a flash side-way sequence without the annoying plane landing sound and that's because Desmond's mind teleports to that alternate reality. And notice it didn't happen on the main Island, which can only mean that the cork is the whole thing, the main island, an area of water around it AND the smaller Hydra island too.

Desmond's interaction with Minkowski, who's now a driver in Widmore's company, brings out a particular thing about the writers that can't be overlooked.I love how they build the character's personality so cleverly, you never stop seeing Desmond, even if he's in another reality with a different job and a different life, he's still the serious, down to earth guy who doesn't care about hookers or playing around, he is still Desmond. Even if he's a monk, a runner, a businessman, you name it. The character's characteristics and particular things are there, and this is a solid work by the writers of the show, who, unlike many other shows out there, just take their characters and constantly forget how they are and you couldn't be more confused on who that character is. That's not Desmond's case.

Even if it was kinda predictable because of how ironic most things are in the flash-sideways, we meet Desmond's boss: no other than Charles Widmore. To remark the fact it's all different and ironic in the flash-sideway, they called each other by their name.  And if you're a good observer, Widmore's office still has bits here and there with stuff from the island. We already know that in the flash sideway the island DID exist once and is under water now since Ben's dad wondered what kind of man his son would be if they would still be on
the Dharma Initiative, so it's pretty cool to wonder if the island sank in 1977 with the others (Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking) still on it, how can they exist outside of the island if they never get to escape from it? More interesting yet is the fact Widmore have what might be a replica of the ship Richard Alpert arrived, The Black Rock, and he still has (like in the original timeline) a hippy-painting that says Namasté. Those are things we can't forget.

Oh, and the destiny doesn't stop mizing these characters in a salad of actors and actresses from all different seasons of Lost brought together by the final Season, so we get to see that Widmore's son (who happens to be Faraday just like the original timeline) who's a MUSICIAN in the alt-timeline (can he get any hotter girls?) wants to play with no other than Charlie Pace, in an incredibly ironic storyline considering Lost creators bring two of the most beloved characters from completely different seasons together in one episode and it totally fits and makes sense perfectly as we'll discuss later.

But first, let's remark Desmond IS different in one aspect, as Widmore highlights. Even if his ESSENCE as a person, his qualities and individuality is still intact, Desmond has "no family, no commitments, and is free of attachments", something he considers makes him "a blessed man". It's of course a false happiness for Desmond because as we get to see later in the episode, his essence as a person manifestates when he is moved by finding love, even when he doesn't want to admit it.

As I've said before, Widmore giving Desmond a 60-year-old scotch is a remarkable event. As you may or may not remember, back in Season 3 in the episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes", we saw Widmore being a tyrant with Desmond and telling him he would never be great to drink that whisky, and later on, when he was on the island with Charlie and Hurley, he finds a bottle in a symbol the island was telling him he was important and that he did have a purpose. That relevance is still proved to Desmond in his temporal displacement in the flash sideway since he's experiencing all of this and gets to see that he's great and Widmore was just dead wrong when he told him there was nothing special about him back in Season 3. Maybe this good interaction with Widmore is one supporting factor for Desmond to realize he wants to help is father-in-law. Of course, it's not the main reason, the main reason is even more important.

But until we get to it, there's still another mythology event or maybe just a silly clue the creators of the show have been teasing us with during all this season. The mirrors in the Flash-sideway. Seriously what does it mean? Every character that's had a flash-sideway have been shown looking at themselves in a mirror. Our money's on this being a huge clue for us to tell ourselves they knew what they were doing when all this madness ends.

The conversation between Charlie and Desmond on the bar is one of the most important dialogues in this episode. It pops the question regarding Desmond's real happines and even if Dominic  Monaghan's acting was a little dissapointing because he got lost between Simon (his character in Flashforward) and Charlie, especially when he was questioning Desmond, Charlie's dialogue was just brilliant. Didn't you feel goosebumps when Charlie described his episode on nearly dying and seeing Claire? We loved it. We personally believe that one beautiful message on the episode is that when True Love exists, the whole Universe conspires in favor of it to happen. It doesn't matter if there's another reality, or an atomic bomb exploded, or if we still don't know that special person. The whole Universe conspires in favor of that act of love, of selfless, true giving and persistent love. Charlie might still be a junkie in the flash-sideway but we've seen the beautiful thing he's capable of: giving up his own life for that person he loved, and that is exactly why we loved Charlie's lines in the bar. In addition, this explains perfectly why Charlie makes Desmond crash into the sea and why he was so upset after being brought back to life by Jack on the plane, and why he doesn't even care about cars when he's crossing the street: he wants to die in order to see Claire again, to meet her. This, of course, makes us wonder: Does this mean that people have to die on the flash-sideway to go back to the original timeline? We don't know.

And then it comes this simple, epic scene in the water. The music in the scene by Giacchino was AMAZING, very similar to the one he used when we were shown the island underwater. This scene is epic not only because of the fascinating music on it but because of the hand. Oh my god, the hand! That was incredible, seriously. These writers are too good to be going away from television. That simple scene of an actor putting his hand on a window brings a whole bunch of feelings when we lost Charlie years ago and it's just fantastic to revive those feelings when the Season is near its ending. This was just too amazing. The irony of Desmond being able to save Charlie in the alt-timeline is incredible, especially because it was heartbreaking to watch him being unable to help Charlie in the island.

Basically, this event triggers something in Desmond as he starts to remember things from the original timeline, which is something he hasn't lived in this reality, and it's what motivates him when he starts seeing Penny during the MRI. It was really cool he got to see most of the significant events he lived with her including having their baby.

Later on in the episode, Desmond meets with Mrs. Hawkings once again, who is now Mrs. Widmore. It appears in this reality, with no son to be sent to die, these two still have the hots for each other. Basically she looks like a common rich lady, all polite and charity planner, that is until Desmond dares to question her about the confidentiality of seeing the list of guests to the event. Once again, Eloise tells Desmond what he's not supposed to do yet by saying that whatever he's looking for, he's not ready to do so. The big question,of course is why?? Why isnt' he ready to meet Penny? Clearly, something has been getting in the way between these two to meet, and our money's Widmore hired Desmond and treats him so well just to keep him away from Penny. But the question is WHY? Why does Eloise know it all?

The core conversation of the episode arrives when Daniel Faraday also looks at his reflection on Desmond's limo. Then, the now musician mr. Daniel Faraday, uhem, Widmore,  brings the theme of the episode back once again, giving what I think, is going to be the clearest explanation we'll get on the flash-sideway thing. Faraday starts by explaining something that might sound common to most people: love at first sight. Yeah, yeah, when you see someone and you instantly start feeling something, he even exaggerates to say he felt "it was like [he] already loved her" but then again, this is Lost, and Daniel's words are far from being an overstatement. After his "love at first sight" experience, he writes something about quantum mechanics he doesn't even understand . It is absolutely fulfilling to watch Daniel regret his own actions AFTER he's dead, AND in another reality. After all, he's the one who gave Jack the idea of detonating the bomb, and when he
says to Desmond in the flash-sideway that he thinks he already did detonate a nuclear bomb, it just perfectly ends the circle of Daniel being wrong about trying to change the past.

Then, when Desmond looks at Daniel like he's lost his mind, Penny's whereabouts are confirmed to him. Daniel confirms that in the alt timeline, Penny is his half sister as well. So Desmond goes to the same stadium he met Jack back in Season 2 and meets her. But, just as Eloise predicted, he might not have been ready to do so, since when he does he faints, and the Desmond that's been out for a few seconds on the island wakes up with the awareness he has to help his father-in-law in order not to live in that reality where he's lacking of the most important thing in the world: Penny.

Our conclusions about this episode? "Happily Ever After" was

simply fantastic. Desmond's only motivation to help his formerly tyranic father in law is that, to be able to live happily ever after with Penny, and not without her. As usual writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave out an amazing 42 minutes episode filled with mythology, science, storyline closure and of course, romance between Des and Penny, the favorite couple of the show. We think what happend to Desmond back in Season 4 in The Constant might be happening to all the people in the island. The question is when? Is this temporal displacement happening to all of them? Well, that's just a theory of mine, but we just can't wait to see what Sayid's gonna do with Desmond, next week is gonna be quite interesting. What do you think Desmond is gonna do with the manifest of Flight 815? What is he gonna show them?

I wanna hear your thoughts and theories, check out this Promo for next week's episode called "Everybody Loves Hugo".

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