Lady GaGa- The Fame Monster Limited Edition [Official Tracklist]

This May a new edition for the album "The Fame Monster" will be released according to Universal music. This is a USB album and will features new remixes and her music videos.

1. Bad Romance
2. Alejandro
3. Monster
4. Speechless
5. Dance In The Dark
6. Telephone Feat. Beyoncé
7. So Happy I Could Die
8. Teeth
9. Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix)
10. Telephone (Passion Pit Remix)
11. Paparazzi (Demolition Crew Remix)
12. Just Dance (Deewaan Remix)
13. LoveGame (Robots To Mars Remix)
14. Eh, Eh (FrankMusik "Cut Snare Edit" Remix)
15. Poker Face (Piano & Voice Version)
16. Bad Romance (Grum Remix)
17. Telephone (Alphabeat Remix Edit)

1. Just Dance
2. Poker Face
3. LoveGame
4. Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say)
5. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
6. Paparazzi
7. Bad Romance
8. Telephone

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