Kesha Is Better Than Lady GaGa

Well, according to Taio Cruz, she is.

“I was thinking about Lady Gaga at first,” Taio said. “Then I went to a meeting with [producer] Dr. Luke and he was telling me about this new girl he was working with. She hadn’t done ‘Tik Tok‘ or anything like that at that point. But I just thought she sounded really cool. A very unique-sounding voice. I like that with artists, that as soon as you hear them on a song on the radio, you know immediately who that is without having to be told."

“She looked really sexy, and I just thought she was talented. Her voice was awesome. It had this — I hope she won’t mind me saying this, but her voice has this kind of yodely quality to it, the way that she does things and the way that she ends words. I just loved that quality about it.”

And the result's not bad at all, but choosing trashy Ke$ha over GaGa?

Lots of people are gonna be mad.

Anyways, we are expecting to see the music video these two are gonna make, we think it's gonna be awesome.

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