Justin Bieber Live Performance at The White House

Check out this live performance of teen sensation Justin Bieber at the White House.

We think this kid is going to become a serious artist soon, after all, how many people under 20 years old get invited to show their talent to the White House?

And it's not just because of the Obama Girls, it's quite a privilege and a dream come true for so many people to do this, so kudos for Bieber

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Justin Bieber is slowly taking over the world and if come puberty, his voice doesn’t change to much (see Aaron Carter) and he can continue his success, he will be bigger than Usher and JT in 10 years, he is a smart young lad who can take over if he wants to. The only thing that concerns me is he kinda looks like a lesbian, he needs a make over REALLY bad.. lol and if you don’t believe me… check it out: http://www.lionsdenu.com/lesbians-that-look-like-justin-bieber-gallery/

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