The Jersey Shore Men Do A Photoshoot With Israeli Supermodel

Uhm, this is SO trashy and vulgar it's PAINFUL to watch, seriously!

Oh yeah that's because it has Jersey Shore written all over it!

Well, this news is not surprising since the Jersey Shore men is the only 'hot' thing this show has, the women are so ugly on it! (You'd never see those girls on any cover of any magazine or anything like it, it's the truth).

Anyways, TVGuide reports that the guys of the famous MTV reality show did a photo shoot with Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli for Interview magazine.

"In one photo, all four guys (shirtless, of course) hold a colossal sandwich while Refaeli takes a bite from the other end wearing a revealing black bathing suit and stilettos." TVGuide reports.

You can check out all of the photos by clicking them to enlarge below.

All photos Credit: Interview Magazine.

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