Jennifer Hudson Is Learning How To Leave Time For Her Baby

This busy mom recently said she's trying to find the balance of her time to be there for her baby.

"Whew! Trying to find the balance. Like, everything is so demanding. Work is demanding, of course; being a new mom is demanding," Jennifer says. "And it's so hard to part from the baby, because he's so new and I want to spend every minute, every chance I can get with him. But it's good. Its just a matter of finding balance for me, and balancing it out, so I'm working on it, and I'm learning."

Right now, the Academy Award Winner Actress and Singer is getting ready to release her sophomore record, the follow-up to her succesful debut self-titled album.

It looks like Jennifer has overcome all of the hard times she had back in 2008 when some of her closest relatives were murdered, and is now new and improved with a brand new image.

Regarding her impressive weight loss, Hudson says: "I'm just as comfortable now as I was however many pounds ago, however many sizes ago. I never really felt pressure to say, 'OK, I need to be a size 2, a size 0.' I don't want to be that, and I will never be that. And that's fine with me. So it was never, 'OK, I need to be this because this is the way Hollywood says you're supposed to be.'"

Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson!


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I love this young multi-talented lady, because she does not let people pressure her to do anything. Jennifer baby girl don't ever change your personality are your warm spirits. People have sooooooo much respect for you. I love your boldness. I love everything about you and don't ever change.

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