Heidi Klum and Seal Haven't Tried Costumes in Bed YET!

The Top Model, Heidi Klum, tells Cosmpolitan Magazine she loves to wear crazy costumes for Halloween and when she is on the Runway, but not really in bed.

"I'm not big on costumes in bed, to be honest. I wouldn't say no if he wanted to try, but it seems so inorganic,"

Come on Seal, you should give it a try, She'll definitely look HOT!

Model also said,"Maybe it'll come later -- in five or 10 years, I'll start buying funny outfits."
"But for now, we're nice and spicy in that department,"

Naughty Heidi!

Check Heidi's May-2010 issue cover for Cosmopolitan (wearing a dress by Emanuel Ungaro)

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