Glee Cast Visited Oprah Today!

The Gleeks visited Oprah today to talk about the success of show, the experience it brings to their life and to performe one of the favorite fans' song "Somebody to Love."

For Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on Glee the experience of being part of a show that celebrates differences (like homosexuality) has been therapeutic.

Lea Michele said, "I was known as the musical-theater girl and nobody looked at that as being cool," Michele said. "It was odd to them. They didn't understand it. They didn't understand people who did the plays or who sang. It was cool if you played sports. It was very typical. I love that our show shows we can be cool too."

Lynch who plays Sue Sylvester shared, "They never noticed me when I was 16, you know? I wasn't in the hip crowd. But now all of a sudden there's these cool people in coffee shops going, 'Hey!' I go back to my 14-year-old self."

Remember to tune Fox next Thursday for Glee's so expected return!

Check the interview!

Videos courtesy of E!

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