First Trailer of The Real L Word

So, Showtime is as usual a bright network who's not only unafraid to show some material that might be considered shocking and inappropriate for some people, but also show it in a very creative way.

It's now the turn for another potential hit for the network, this time it consists of a reality show in which viewers can see the lives of six lesbian women.

The show is called "The Real L Word".

"We love to tell authentic stories about complex characters and feel like this is an area that has yet to be explored in reality television," Jane Lipsitz from Magical Elves said about the groundbreaking element of the show.

The cast include engaged couple Nikki and Jill who are planning their wedding, newbie in the lesbian scene, Tracy, who is dealing with her mother to accept her sexuality and Mikey who is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and producer of LA Fashion Weekend. Joining them are "street-smart wild child" Whitney and the inspiration behind the character Papi, Rose.

"The Real L Word" debuts June 20th, 2010 at 10/9c on Showtime.

Watch the First Official Trailer for the show here:


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